• Saturday, July 17, 2021

Good news!, we have rolled out our new features for Application Management, from now our Direct Admin user should be able to create staging for the application, clone the application and also easily backup and restore your application from our portal. This feature should be really helpful to all our user since you can manage everything just from our portal, no more required to login into Direct Admin and get messy.


To access the application management, login to our portal then go to your Direct Admin hosting service, then look for "Applications".  Click on it and you will be shown with interface listed all the application you install to your hosting account. 

Application Manager


To create staging, from the application management, user need to click the " -> " icon, Then need to input all the details such as the where the directory location, and input the database name. 


For the clone and backup, user can access it via the extra action item, click on the triple dot icon, then user will be prompt with the other action that can be perform. 


Things need to take note, for the clone it's like you create separate another site for your application and you are not able to sync it to your main site, while the staging it will allow you to push the update from your staging to your main site. For the use case, clone can be used to testing something that may broke your site, while the staging you wanted to see what will happen if you perform certain update then if it is suitable then you push to your live production site. 


As the image below user can easily push updated content from staging to the main live site by click the push to live button. 


We hope this feature would be useful for our user. Please do not hesitate to contact our team if you facing any issues we are here to help you. Thank you so much all for keep supporting ServerMY.